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Paintball / Air Rifles

Paintball / Air Rifle Compressors

Player Series:

Small, lightweight, portable designs for those who want the convenience of filling paintball marker tanks at home or in the field. A Player Series compressor is the perfect choice for individuals, small group of friends or recreation group, technicians, and small fields and stores with a low volume of air fills. Choose from two models:The JRII/PB is designed for filling SCUBA-sized tanks for taking extra air into the field for trans-filling. Available with electric motor (-E) or gasoline engine (-G).



Team Series:

Small, lightweight portable designs for those with greater air usage than is suitable for the Player Series. A Team Series compressor is the perfect choice for teams for practice, group of friends or recreation groups, technicians, small to medium size fields, stores and small to mid size tournaments (IDM only).The Oceanus/PB is designed for use with up to two DOT 4500-psi storage tanks and is the perfect choice for those just getting started with a new store or small field. Not suitable for tournaments. Available with electric motor (-E) or gasoline engine (-G).

Oceanus PB-E

Oceanus PB-G

The IDM range of compressors is for those with established air demands and use more than two storage tanks of air per week. An IDV/PB compressor, or two, will meet the needs of most small to medium sized fields, stores and tournaments. The IDM compressors are rated to 6000 psi and designed for continuous duty. Available with electric motor (-E), gasoline engine (-G) or diesel engine (-D)

Oceanus IDM

Field and Shop Series:

Vertical designs where compressor, prime mover and air processing system are available in choice of open or enclosed design. Shop Series compressors are loaded with standard features unique to BAUER that ensures reliable, continuous duty, automatic operation. The enclosed Verticus design provides quiet operation suitable for in-store use. Access panels on the enclosure provide full accessibility to the internal components. If noise isn’t a concern, the Open Vertical includes the same great features without the enclosure. Available only with electric motor drive with choice of single phase 5 to 10 HP motor or three phase 5 to 20 HP motor.


5 to 26.4 scfm

Mini VT and Maxi VT

5 to 42 scfm

Tournament Series:

Tournament Series compressors include our higher capacity compressors up to 117 SCFM. Available with choice of prime mover including electric motor only, diesel engine only or combination electric motor and diesel engine for ultimate versatility. Tournament Series compressor systems are available on a heavy-duty skid for stationary use while affording portability to different locations or they can be mounted on a heavy-duty trailer chassis for convenient mobility. Systems are available with a variety of options.


27 to 117 scfm

Mobile Air System

27 to 117 scfm

Air Processing Systems:

BAUER air processing systems dry and purify the high pressure compressed air discharged from the compressor, protecting downstream components such as storage cylinders and the regulators and tanks on paintball markers from contamination with moisture and oil. Pure, dry high pressure compressed air is essential to everyone one uses air-powered paintball markers and for those who provide air fills for paintball. Every BAUER high pressure air compressor for paintball includes a BAUER air processing system. BAUER air processing systems are also available in stand-alone modules for installation downstream of competitive brand compressors or for upgrading air processing systems on existing BAUER or competitive brand compressors. BAUER air processing systems are available in single tower and multi-tower configurations with non-regenerative and regenerative types available. BAUER air processing systems use replaceable cartridges. Air processing systems on Field and Shop Series compressors are standard with Securus.

A safe, dependable high pressure Air Processing System such as BAUER’s TRIPLEX® (aka IP 0) and Jumbo-TRIPLEX® (aka IP 31) Air Processing Systems protect storage tanks and the air system on paintball markers from contaminates found in untreated air. TRIPLEX and Jumbo-TRIPLEX Air Processing Systems combine a high efficiency separator, an air purification filter, pressure maintaining valve and final safety valve in a compact assembly.

All Player Series (except S30/PB) and Team Series compressors are equipped with the TRIPLEX filter system. Jumbo-TRIPLEX is available as an option on the IDM Team Series compressors. The initial cartridge is shipped loose for installation at start-up.

Cartridge Air Processing Capacity Function
IP 5 SECURUS 058825A + 060037A 150,000 DRYER
IP 10 SECURUS 2x 058825A + 060037A 230,000 DRYER

Storage Systems:

Choose from DOT or ASME storage tanks. A properly sized storage system is crucial to the success of an air station. Bauer will size the storage system to match your needs and can provide all of the components needed to install it properly and operate it safely. A catalog is available for assisting is selecting and sizing storage and includes color photos of common accessory items for storage Should an application require storage, either in the form of a single vessel or multiple vessels, a properly sized air storage system offers many benefits to a high pressure compressed air system. Each high pressure compressed air application must be reviewed carefully to determine the best type and size of storage. By properly matching the size of the storage system to the capacity of the compressor, the cost of equipment and the operational and maintenance costs for the compressed air system can be reduced.

Fill Panels:

From the originator of the push-button fill panels that revolutionized tournament air stations and everyday tank fills. BAUER offers the safest fill panel designs available. Choose from two NEW models, Air Tap or B-Master. Air Tap offers variable fill and vent control and is designed to provide tens of thousands of fill cycles without the need for maintenance. B-Master offers adjustable fill and vent control and is designed to provide several hundred thousand fill cycles without the need for maintenance. Competitive brands require maintenance every couple of hundred fills. Each fill panel includes a safety valve for overpressure protection, a feature not available on competitive brands, and each panel includes BAUER’S NEW fill coupling with integrated shutoff valve. Only BAUER offers fill panels with built-in safety features and low maintenance requirements.

Featuring Variable Fill Rate & Variable Fill Hose Venting

Featuring Adjustable Fill Rate & Adjustable Fill Hose Venting